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We have the largest color selection of spray paint within a two hour driving distance of Toledo. Come see it for yourself. Incredibly pigmented and light-fast (it will not fade like traditional spray paint) our paint is an excellent choice for every application, including outdoor murals, painting on canvas, or re-painting indoor/ outdoor furniture. Spray paints are an easier, less expensive, more durable option for re-finishing furniture than chalk paints.


  • Montana 94 - Over 140 opaque color options, 9 transparent colors. Montana 94 is matte, low pressure (sprays very slowly and with ease), and perfect for precise fine art or stencil applications. 
  • Montana Hardcore - Over 80 opaque color options Montana Hardcore is a high pressure (traditional spray) semi-gloss paint. It is the original Montana Spray Paint. It covers virtually any surface without priming. The valve on the paint sprays with ease.  100% guarantee you will LOVE this paint.  
  • Montana Waterbased - Low odor, resin based, water soluble spray paint. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use since they are water resistant once dry. Low pressure + matte finish


  • Soft Caps
  • Male/Female Cap Adapters
  • Astro Fat
  • Rusto Fat
  • Fat Pink
  • NY Skinny
  • Skinny 94
  • Hardcore Cap
  • Super Skinny
  • Skinny Yellow Caps
  • Needle Red Caps
  • Ironlak Cyclone Cap
  • And more


  • Krink Mops and replacement tips
  • Krink K 60 Markers
  • Marvy Deco Markers
  • Sharpie Paint Markers
  • POSCA Acrylic Paint Markers