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  • FW Acrylic Ink
  • Golden Heavy Body Acrylic
  • Golden Open Acrylic
  • Golden Fluid Acrylic
  • Golden Mediums and Gels
  • Grumbacher Acrylic
  • 1/2 Gallon Jugs of Student Grade Acrylic
  • Americana Crafter's Acrylics 
  • Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paint- for glass, fabric, wood, canvas, metal, ceramic, & paper


  • Holbein Acryla Gouache in open-stock
  • Reeves Gouache Sets


  • Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors
  • Gamblin Artist Oils & Gamblin Oil Painting Mediums
  • Gamblin 1980 Student Grade Oil Paint- the only student grade paint available with true pigments instead of faux pigment (Cobalt, Cadmium, etc.)
  • Winsor Newton painting mediums 


  • Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor
  • M. Graham Watercolor
  • Cotman Watercolor
  • Derwent Watercolor Pencils- sold individually and in sets
  • Derwent Inktense Pencils- sold individually and in sets
  • Pocket and Travel Watercolor sets by a variety of manufacturers


  • Gamblin traditional gesso, oil painting ground, PVA size, rabbit skin glue
  • Canvas pliers
  • Gesso- clear, white, black, and spray
  • Stretcher Bars from 8"- 36", additional sizes and bulk purchases also available via custom order

Most brushes are 25 - 40% off everyday prices

  • 6600 Synthetic Mongoose by Princeton- Oil, Acrylic
  • 4750 Synthetic Squirrel by Princeton- Watercolor, Ink, Ceramics, & other water-based media
  • 4050 Best Synthetic Sable by Princeton Brush- all media
  • 3750 Select Synthetic by Princeton- A great array of uncommon shapes for all media
  • Catalyst Brushes by Princeton- firm bristle suitable for oil or acrylic.  Great substitution for hog bristle brushes that won't leave pieces of the bristle in your painting.
  • Catalyst Wedges and Blades- rubber tools for moving paint over canvas, also food-safe and recommended for cake & pastry decorating
  • Escoda Modernista Synthetic Mongoose
  • SNAP! by Princeton- All media
  • Winsor Newton Series 7 Sable Brushes
  • Over-sized brushes by Daler Rowney (at fantastic prices)
  • Chip & Black Bristle
  • Foam Brushes
  • Assorted inexpensive brushes packs


  • Masterpiece Pro Artist Canvases
  • Masterpiece Pro Oil Primed Linen
  • Canvas Panels
  • Canvas Paper Pads
  • Art Alternatives Cradled Wooden Panels
  • Art Alternatives Flat Wooden Panels
  • Rolls of Canvas- primed and unprimed
  • Canvas sold by the yard
  • Many of our fine papers sold by the sheet in our flat files are suitable for priming and painting upon- ask Jules for suggestions. Painting on paper with acrylic and gouache has become one of her passions! Oil painting on paper is also possible with proper surface preparation.


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