We have a lot of fun at The Depo, but to make everything smooth sailing and fair for everyone, we have a few rules that need to be followed, too. Check them all out below. 


The easiest and recommended way to register for our classes and workshops is on our secure website at You may also register in either store or by phone. We make a substantial investment to schedule and host classes, as do our teaching staff, and class minimums must be met for classes to run. The Art Supply Depo will not reserve class seats for unpaid registrations. All classes must be paid in full upon registration.

Please register as soon as you plan on attending. Classes that don't reach the minimum number of students required will be cancelled 48 hours before the class. Last minute registrations are accepted if class minimum is met and space allows.


Please check your personal schedule before registering for workshops. The Depo is unable to give a full refund to students that have to withdraw their registrations. Please note that 20% all class and workshop tuition is considered a non-refundable deposit in case of withdrawal. We cannot accommodate last-minute cancellations - we know you understand. View our full policy below.

Our cancellation policy allows for a refund of 80% of the class tuition for any cancellation made at least eight days in advance of the class start date. We no longer transfer tuition from one class to another.

Due to the significant amount of time required to schedule and host classes, those making cancellations seven or less days prior to the start of class cannot be offered a refund. (No exceptions!) Instead of completely dropping out of class, consider gifting your workshop registration to a friend or family member without additional cost. Please notify us via email or phone if you would like to gift your registration to someone else. 

Please note we are unable to provide make-up opportunities, prorate or provide refunds for missed classes.

If a class is cancelled by the Depo due to low enrollment, weather emergency, or an instructor emergency, you will be offered a full refund or class credit.

During inclement weather, please check our website, Instagram, or Facebook Pages for cancellation announcements, as it is possible with bad winter storms we are unable to go to the stores to make cancellation calls.


Store credit will be issued for returns within 10 days for unopened, unused products in "like new" condition with no damage to packaging.  No cash refunds. Returns and exchanges can only be made at the location of purchase. All clearance items, custom orders, paper sheets, mat boards, portfolios, presentation boards and books are final sale.


We are not currently hiring at this time. 

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against potential employees on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, or marital status.

At any time, we have one full time owner on staff, and several part time assistants to help with sales, marketing, coordinating classes and workshops, stocking products, and spreading general good cheer throughout the store and community at large.

What we look for in a potential employee:

  • We always hire someone who is a frequent customer and knows our store staff and culture.

  • Broad general knowledge of art supplies - We can train you on specifics.

  • Positive attitude - There is enough negativity in the world.

  • Attention to detail - Excellent customer service is rooted in getting the details right the first time.

  • Work hard, play hard mentality - Work for us, and make sure to get your play on, but don't do it on our time. Texting, phone, and social media use not related to the task at hand isn't cool.

  • Accountability - Mistakes happen. Acknowledge them, learn from them, and move on. But always acknowledge that something could have been done better... and just don't do "that" again. Simple, eh?

  • Punctuality - We operate on Vince Lombardi time: arrive 10 minutes early. If you're on time, you're late. If you're consistently late, you probably won't have a job much longer.

Individuals seeking employment are encouraged to watch New York based artist Tom Sachs' video titled "10 Bullets."  

Some other tips if you'd like to work for us, or anywhere for that matter:

  1. Comb your hair before you come in and ask for an application.

  2. Don't wear pajamas or torn jeans when you come in and ask for an application.

  3. Don't say "this is my first time in here" when you come in and ask for an application.

  4. Don't post illicit things on your own social media! Private lives are called private for a reason.


On average, The Art Supply Depo receives 40 - 50 donation requests per month for charity, school, and for-profit events. 
We use the following criteria to approve a donation request:

  1. Donation should be for a non-profit cause related to the arts.

  2. Donation request must be received 30 days prior to event, in writing. The request should be typed on letterhead/official stationary from the requester and include a Federal Tax ID number.

  3. Donation request should be made by someone who frequents our store.

  4. The donation should go directly to the cause to whom we are donating, not to raise funds for another non-profit charity.


Special orders not normally stocked must be pre-paid. We will record your contact information and call you to confirm the receipt of your order once it has been delivered to us (usually within 5-8 business days). Orders not picked up within 30 days of the order will be discarded.


We offer multiple classes and/or special events at the Depo every month. At the end of your last class session, please take your artwork and/or personal items with you. We will do our best to contact you if we know you and know an item is yours. However, all artwork and/or personal items not picked up within 30 days of your last class session will be discarded. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Thank you for understanding our store policies!