We are always looking for professional teachers with prior teaching experience to propose a class at either Art Supply Depo location.  If you are interested in teaching a class or workshop at the Art Supply Depo, please fill out the class proposal form below and click SUBMIT. After you submit the form, email us two to five sample photos of projects or techniques covered in your class for our promotional use. Sample photos do not need to be professional quality, but please to be sensitive to aesthetic quality and photo resolution (photos should be at least 500x500 pixels, approximately). People are drawn to pretty images! Taking a few well-lit photos with your cell phone works great.

Email photos to: artsupplydepo@gmail.com. Thank you!


Classes and workshops are an integral part of our mission at the Depo. As the facilitators of our art education component, our teachers are an essential and valued part of our team. Following these guidelines will insure that all teachers and students have a clean, functional, and organized space in which to work.

  1. Arrive 30 minutes before your class is scheduled to begin. This will allow you ample time to check in with a Depo employee and set up before your students arrive.
  2. Materials needed for your class should be decided in advance and submitted in the form below, so we can stock them for students to purchase. If you are providing materials for your class, please be prepared with them when you arrive for class.
  3. Clean up! Tables must be thoroughly cleaned before you leave. There are paper towels and cleaning spray provided for use. Please leave the tables in the same condition you would like to find them if you were the next teacher coming in.
  4. Be sure to inspect the floor for scraps or spills. There is a broom, dustpan, and mop provided for use.
  5. There is a waste can for oily paper towels and anything else which should not go down the drains.
  6. Respect work from other classes which may be stored in the studio. If necessary, tell your students not to touch or handle the art of others.
  7. There is a shelving unit with basic studio supplies (pencils, scissors, glue sticks, paper towels, etc.). When cleaning up, please return these items to their respective containers. Everything is labeled to make it easy. When you are packing up, please also check that you have returned all of our water containers and palettes. If you have any questions about where to find something (palettes, aprons, etc.), please ask a Depo employee.
  8. A binder of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) is also on the shelving unit. MSDS sheets are manufacturer-generated instructions for the correct action, should someone have an allergic reaction to a product or ingest a product, etc.
  9. If you have any other questions, please ask one of the Depo Peepo. We are here to help!


Name *
The best number to reach you
Adults, Kids 5 - 8, Kids 9 - 12. Please be specific.
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Our space can comfortably hold eight people, or up to 12 if the class project does not require a lot of table space. We prefer to run classes that have a minimum of three students, and generally cancel classes with less than three students 48 hours in advance.
If the class is recurring, how many times will it meet? It is up to the instructor to decide, based on the subject matter, how long and how many times the class will meet. We do not have any standard that we require. Examples: One four-hour workshop, Two two-hour classes, Six three-hour classes.
If you have a website please enter the URL
Examples: weekends, weekdays, weeknights. Please note if there are any times that do not work for your schedule. Examples: weekdays except Tuesdays, weekends only.
Please list all items students will need, so we can be sure to order them and they can buy them in time for your class. Examples: list of brushes, paint colors, canvas, paper, book cloth, table easel, etc.
We generally will mark up your class and split the tuition (70% payable to teacher and retain a 30% commission). Alternate arrangements can be discussed for teachers with advanced teaching experience. You could also propose how much you would like to be paid for each student and we can set the tuition from there.