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Instructor: Paul H. Brand
Ages: Adults 18+ (age firm)
Skill level: Beginner to advanced
Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

“Quin” (quinacridone)” colors are synthetic pigments originally created for automobile paint. They are brilliant, transparent, light fast and come in hues not readily available in traditional colors. Paint with unconventional tools and quinacridone colors for a fresh, bright picture.

Create a painting by making a light pencil sketch on watercolor paper, wetting an area, and flooding the area with two colors. Use a credit card or rib to push the paint away from areas that will be light values and toward areas of darker values. Tip the paper to flow the paint as desired. Use the credit card edge, the twig, and straw to add lines and details.

Supplies needed to participate in this course:
One 22 x 30 sheet of Arches 140lb cold pressed watercolor paper
(Canson and Strathmore papers are likely to tear when pressed with a credit card)
HB or B pencil
Kneaded eraser
Small sketchbook or sheet of sketching paper
1-inch flat Snap watercolor brush
Expired credit card
Potter’s ribs white
Palette knife
Drinking straw
Watercolor palette
Required DANIEL SMITH Quinacridone Colors:
-plus Pthalo Blue (Green Shade)
-Additional colors suggested, not required, Quin red, Quin Purple, Quin Burnt Scarlet.

All “Traditional” art materials available for purchase at The Art Supply Depo. All Daniel Smith paints sold '“on sale everyday” for the same discounted prices available from large online art supply retailers, so please consider buying from us instead of a large international corporation. :-)

From the DANIEL SMITH Website regarding their Quinacridone Colors:
Quinacridones combine the power of the staining pigments with the luminosity of the transparents. They flow beautifully for extremely smooth washes, have incredible depth of color and can be lifted easily while still wet.
Understandably, they’ve been very popular colors since their introduction. People just love them. No other colors have both the intensity and transparency of the quinacridone family. They are synthetic organic pigments, created in the world’s most advanced color laboratories. Miniscule pigment particles are exceptionally uniform in size and shape, which translates to unfailing behavior in the paint.

Developed initially for use in automotive paints, DANIEL SMITH was the first manufacturer to realize their potential for artists. Perfect for glazing and layering, Quinacridones retain their brilliance on drying. Rich golds, oranges, pinks, reds and violets are intense colors with extreme lightfastness that will super-charge your palette.
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Please register as soon as you plan on attending. Classes that don't reach the minimum number of students required will be canceled 48 hours before the first day of class. Last minute registrations are accepted if class minimum is met and space allows.

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