Art Supply Depo Gift Card

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Art Supply Depo Gift Card

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Show someone how much you care. Buy them the PERFECT gift: a certificate to their favorite (or soon to be favorite) art supply store.  

Certificates can be used toward any of our products, classes, or workshops.

Gift Certificates cannot be exchanged for cash. They must be used at the location they were purchased from.

Please allow one week for delivery. If you need your certificate faster, you can pick it up at our location, 29 S. St. Clair Street in Downtown, Toledo, OH. If you need it immediately (you last minute shopper, you!), print it out directly by following the steps below.

How to Print Your Gift Card at Home:

Step 1: CLICK HERE TO PRINT OUT YOUR GIFT CARD. Hit the "back" button when you're done to return to the order page.
Step 2: Purchase your gift card by following the steps to order. Select the amount and quantity, and hit ADD TO CART.
Step 3: Continue to follow the steps to CHECKOUT. You will need to enter your email/ billing/ shipping address to proceed.
Step 4: Choose "Printed out by me at home" as your delivery option to bypass the shipping fee, and to let us know that you will be printing your card from home.
Step 5: Once you have purchased and printed your gift card, fill in the following information to redeem: AMOUNT/ EXPIRATION DATE (one year after your purchase date)/ YOUR SQUARESPACE ORDER NUMBER (you will receive it with your purchase confirmation). Note: you'll need your Squarespace order number to confirm your purchase when you redeem, so don't forget to write it on your gift card!
Step 6: Give that lil ol' gift card to someone you like a whole bunch.

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