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  • Amaco Velvet Underglazes
  • Boxed moist clays in a variety of colors and firing temperatures. All sold in 50 lbs. boxes.
  • Speedball Underglazes
  • Speedball Low-fire glazes
  • Underglaze pencils
  • Sherrill MudTools
  • Kemper Tools & Basic Kits
  • Various other trimming and sculpting tools
  • Various sponges 
  • Bat Pins
  • Orton Cones
  • Kiln Wash

We are a Columbus Clay distributor, and can special order any product stocked by Columbus Clay. Shipping charges will apply. 2-3 day delivery time. Visit to view their products and email or call in an order.

Kiln Shelves, kiln posts, and stilts can be special ordered from Columbus Clay. Customer is required to pay for shipping charges from Columbus unless the order is combined with an order of clay for store stock. If the order is added on to a stock order, freight charges are split by weight with the customer. Kiln shelves are packed as best as possible by Columbus, but shelves are shipped at customer's risk. There is no recourse for shelves broken in shipping.


We apologize for the inconvenience, but we no longer offer kiln firing services at this time.